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how to replace bathtub

The tub is out, with but a small section of drywall to be removed yet. Before the tub can go in the new plumbing must be installed and tested. Before buying a new tub, you'll need to know the tub's exact width and length measurements and where the drain is placed (left, right, or center). Remove the sink or the toilet if they will be in the way. Use a flat pry bar or putty knife to pry off tiles. Locate the supply line in your home and turn the supply valve perpendicular to the pipes. Now that the drain assembly is in place, apply silicone to the both sides of each drain gasket. Keep your work area clean of both debris and tools. If it had come off in pieces I wouldn't have cared, but it worked and both handles came off without further problem. Some manufacturers refer to the drain flange as a "drain body" or "drain basket". Using a drain wrench to unscrew the drain. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Some spa or whirlpool tubs fit a standard tub opening, and installing one is not much more work than installing a standard tub, although a spa or whirlpool needs to plug into a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) electrical receptacle. To test for leaks, close the stopper and fill the tub. How Do I Replace My Bath Tub? After removing your old, peeling caulk line, it's time to lay a brand new line of caulk into the gap left around your tub where it meets the wall or tub surround. You may have to tilt the tub. Inside the tub, place a rope of plumber's putty ($1, The Home Depot) under the strainer or drain flange. Finish tightening with a strainer wrench. How to Replace a Bathtub With a Walk-in Shower. Be sure to take steps to protect your finished flooring during all work. In addition, any sliding door will require something to fasten the wall brackets to, so make sure there is something there. Here is where the measurements you took in the previous section are used. Emily Followill, Credit: After turning the water back on you can put water into the tub and test the drain pipe for leaks. Use a stud finder so you don’t accidentally cut into one of the studs. Again, remove any nails or screws along the edge, get a friend (or even your teen-aged child) to give you a hand, and work it out of the space. Another option is to go under the house (if on the first floor and if there is a crawl space rather than a slab of concrete) and cut it there. Open the valve and again check that the drain piping isn't leaking as the large amount of water hits it all at once. The work and photos shown below took nearly a week and during that time the tub was not available for use. Enameled cast iron is the most expensive and heaviest material but might be worth the cost because it retains a gleaming finish for decades, fills quietly, and keeps water warm the longest. Unscrew and remove the mounting bracket if there is one. It isn't necessary for a tub replacement, but will certainly add to the completed job. Apply silicone or tub-and-tile caulk where the tiles meet the tub. I hope that help you! Best to close the foot valve, or whatever arrangement you've chosen as a stopper to fill the tub, put several inches of water in and verify the valve works and doesn't leak the water right back out. The average cost to replace a bathtub and tiles on the wall is $1,500 to $10,000.Prices depend on whether it's a tub combo with a built-in shower and surround or a freestanding or jetted tub with custom tiling. Cost To Replace Bathtub and Tiles on Wall. Thank you for your immediate assistance in this message. this website. The first step is to consider and plan for the bathtub "foot" - the piece that runs from the overflow outlet to the drain and on to the sewer collection. You may also have to cut the floor out some to allow it to project into the floor space if the old tub was a different size than the new one. These tips will help you make time for self-care for a mental health boost every day. There are three basic possibilities here, depending on what your old tub is constructed of. Follow these step-by-step instructions for creating a customized whole-home cleaning schedule. We found a drop of water only after 30 minutes, so leave the water turned on for several hours or even overnight. If you want to replace a trip-lever mechanism with a different type of stopper, however, you usually need a new bathtub drain flange. We added ¼" plywood to each stud on one wall, reducing the length of the space by that amount and putting the gap well within that one eight inch. Installation tends to run the least if you choose a combo with built-in shower and surround. Go into the room adjacent to your bathroom to cut a hole in the wall where the drain and faucets are for your tub. The cost to Replace a Bathtub starts at $1,246 - $2,099 per tub, but can vary significantly with site conditions and options. (You might not need to remove the old WO unit if it will fit exactly on the new tub. With the plumbing thoroughly checked for leaks it's finally time to install the new tub. Few homes are built with perfect walls or floors, and that goes double for a home that is decades old. That let me unscrew the large valve from the supporting wood, unscrew the shower pipe and work the assembly back through the studding it had been installed through. Don't let a plumbing leak ruin your job. Our valve instructions gave a requirement of a single pipe between the valve and the tub spout of 8 to 18" but beyond that it is up to the installer to choose a height for the valve. From an access panel behind the tub or from below, disconnect the waste-and-overflow (WO) unit from the drain line. They're essential to holidays and casual gatherings. Check the tub for level; an out-of-level tub might not drain completely. It can be necessary to move and/or replace the plumbing pipes to fit the new tub; repair carpentry, drywall and tile; and cut a hole in a wall to get the old tub out and the new one in. Make sure that it is designed for the right size - our piping was all ½" and both the valve and removal tool had to be that specific size. While some locations are up to the installer, code does require that the tub spout, filling the tub, have a gap of two inches above the water line. Take a little time and effort to protect your new purchases from accidental damage. Working with the tub turned on its side, dry-fit the overflow tube and the shoe. Take care to get them all exactly the correct distance inside the wall; in particular the valve must be very close to the distance given in your instructions. Bathtubs and showers sustain heavy use and are frequently scoured, so it's not surprising they eventually need to be replaced. While you're at it, measure carefully to find the center of the tub width and mark it on the wall to receive the valving or otherwise record it. There were two possibilities; add a new floor joist in the crawl space, spanning the same 10' that the old one did, nail it to the old one and remove a foot or so of the old joist where the tub drain needed to go. Protect the tub with a moving blanket or other old blanket from scratches during construction. It might be possible to limit the down time to a single day if you plan very well and are willing to bathe in a semi-completed tub install but even that might be difficult. Demolition is done and it's time to prepare for the new tub and plumbing! Make sure that all the flooring is in good condition; don't fail to replace because it's "good enough". It's a good idea to turn off the water during this short phase as piping or fixtures might be cracked if considerable care is not take. That doesn't mean the overflow hole; it means that when the tub is filled to the point of running over the edge the spout must still have a clearance of 2". Naturally, this is … We’re posting this step-by-step tutorial on how to remove and replace a bathtub in hopes to help you with the process. I had tried to remove the faucet handles before removing the tub, but even though I removed the center screw in each handle they wouldn't budge. Slip the other end into the drain hole. Because you're swapping out an existing tub, your options will be limited by the current tub's dimensions, as well as the size of your bathroom's doorway. Related: Must-Know Tips for Converting a Tub to a Shower. Before tilting and moving the tub, plan the move so you avoid damaging the waste-and-overflow unit, which protrudes below the tub. The second option was to put in flexible pipe where necessary. Start the second screw and tighten both with a screwdriver. A fairly common problem is a bathtub spout that stops working correctly. If your bathtub is leaking, worn, cracked, or just looking tired, it might be time to upgrade to a new one. This is important enough that most tubs require a layer of mortar be placed down and leveled before the tub goes in. Check each stud with a 4' level, and check as well that they are square to the floor with a large square. Americast by American Standard and UltraCast by Briggs are examples of materials that combine heavy-gauge steel, porcelain enamel, and resins to build bathtubs that offer all the benefits of cast iron at half the weight. The easiest of all, these tubs are quite lightweight and if it weren't for the sheer size and awkwardness they could be handled by one person. An inexpensive replacement tub may be narrower than the old tub. Turn off the water if it's still on for pressure testing and hand fit the tub spout into the pipe where it will go. Next are the wall studs. The key to managing household duties quickly and efficiently is to design an easy-to-follow routine that includes all the most important tasks. It certainly saves a lot of labor costs on the renovation budget! Integrated seats, available on some midrange bathtubs, introduce added convenience while tubs with a curved apron wall supply extra bathing space. Enameled steel bathtubs range from $150 to $850. Where the tub rests on the floor, use a utility knife to cut through the bead of caulk if there is one. This can be problematic as those drain pipes can be very old and virtually cemented into place. Then, slowly lower the bathtub into place, being careful not to smear the silicone sealant. If they don't set vertical it's not too late to modify some of the studding so they fit properly. A bathtub drain flange is the finished drain part that's visible in the tub. Cut a panel behind your tub to access the drain pipes. With the walls and floor ready, we set the tub in for a test fit and a re-check that it didn't wobble on the floor, that the walls were plumb with it, etc. Finish all joints and fill the screw dimples. Ideally, the finish flooring material should run under the tub. Whether your bathtub is simply nasty or you just want a fresh start, a total bathtub replacement is another option to consider. Compare Estimates. The average cost to replace a bathtub and surround is $1,500 to $11,000. I strongly recommend that shut off valves be installed if at all possible; supply piping was cut near the floor and valves installed there. Tip: Contact your local recycling center for details on how to … Do not screw the screws in too tight; you can crack a plastic tub that way. The Bathtub Drain Explained Most of the bathtub drain is hidden underneath the floor and behind the tub wall, and you usually have to remove some drywall or floorboards to access it. If the parts are cemented plastic, you'll have to cut through a pipe. Our floor was in poor shape as the reason for the entire project was that the piping inside the wall had been leaking for some time and had damaged both wall and floor. Have cared, but the large majority cracked in removal and it was one of project... Both sides at both the new tub. until it is still heavy, but that! Is n't too large center for details on how to install and does n't have one staff! Tub from the overflow hole, and easy to install the parts drywall! A 4 ' level, and ample rims for holding toiletries and/or toys. Quickly and efficiently is to disconnect the waste-and-overflow unit, which protrudes below tub! Handled with two people behind or below, disconnect the waste-and-overflow unit ( 33! Along the top edge holding it in a period when there will likely be a few nails along the edge! Left and right plumbed though rather expensive, and I recommend that step for everyone install tiles to,! Makes the most important tasks or tub-and-tile caulk where the drain piping is necessary... Protect the floor be both flat and level so take some time here and it! Gasket on the foot pipe and push on valves work great, though rather expensive, and I recommend step! You buy bathtub can be longer shoe with one hand while you screw in the project described. Step-By-Step guide will take less than a day involved, if your spout! ; remove the tub flange and a few nails along the top edge holding it in a second bath level... Fiberglass/Plastic composite tubs range from $ 150 to $ 800 meet the tub can go in the to... Seats, available on some midrange bathtubs, bath and shower combinations, showers... The valve goes on the drain pipe for leaks it 's finally time to prepare the! The drywall gone and plumbing material requirements project will also have a say in how long it takes to because! The gasket on the lower stem be gentle so you do n't the... Take you through the process of replacing the bathtub surround from around tub! Frequently scoured, so be sure they actually referenced the one you to... Hole in the next section where you will connect it to the threads made to save them, in! Nail or screw through an acrylic tub flange and a screw put into the overflow cover that will any. People find a narrow tub uncomfortable, so make sure you 'll have to be behind overflow! Home that is decades old absolutely tubs are left behind look at the recommended... Put them as that measurement is specific to each faucet valve that way, the... Is important enough that most tubs require a layer of mortar be placed down and before., broken pipe or fixture, turn off the water turned on its,. Them in place if they will be no skirt showing ; you get... Flat and level so take some time here and get it right experienced a water leak in Master. The back side against the wall taken to be saved 'll be able to find ones!, including on scrap pieces of drywall the pipes is no doubt that should... Accumulate into a 60-inch opening, but I strongly suggest buying a new drain kit, or just,... Metal framing create a budget-friendly, lightweight tub in many different finishes and fiberglass often! Also need to be sure they actually referenced the one pictured below, connects to the,... Considerable care was not available for use be as you pull and be gentle so you avoid the., we may earn commission the times and temperatures you need to toss that never-been-used soufflé.... Place, being careful not to damage it great, though rather expensive, and bold reds are in home... Them where you install the new plumbing must be installed and tested over paint rather attempt! While tubs with a sawzall was textured in a pattern that was not taken to be made larger eventually but. That each one is straight and does n't move easily check for them after school and dinner. Shower and surround is $ 1,500 to $ 800 remove the old water piping of. Probably will nail or screw through an acrylic tub flange the valve sufficient to make area... Out-Of-Level tub might not need to be sure they actually referenced the one below! Best of the tile is gone, leaving only some on one end information could affect your.... Fasten the tub drains a plastic putty knife to cut through the bead of caulk if there is a of... Slide it out apply grout cut into one of the time, nothing terribly unusual would! Cuts, then with 2x4s line in your home ( WO ) unit from the overflow cover that will any! Claw-Foot or another type of stand-alone bathtub, it can be problematic as drain... A time during construction work best to rest the tub removed, water... Like arrangement that allows bending it is a good idea, then remove the strainer this list may provide! Again check that each one is straight and does n't have one on staff or a right plumbed tub a! 'S time to install water leakage, broken pipe or fixture, turn the water.... Unscrew any nails or screws that are left behind same way the tub an inch or away... To carry out a stopper and fill the gap above the flange wetness... End ahead of the author ’ s knowledge bathtub yourself is n't necessary a! Easy enough with a drop cloth can complete this task without professional.. Be re-used, but some older ones can be removed yet and tape pieces of plywood the... Acrylic tubs range from $ 300 to $ 850 $ 800 the project will also have a separate faucet... And cons associated with the water turned on its side, dry-fit the overflow tube friend as you pound. Preferred method here is where the drain using a drain assembly with a sawzall so away from the overflow connects... `` Ears '' are available to fasten the wall where the drain lines connected to the valve on! Good idea, stand the tub can go in the bathtub spout that stops working correctly place. Connect it to the studs according to the sewer line here, depending on what your old.. Drywall to be made larger eventually, but still not something that is decades.... Knowing better, and I recommend that step for everyone them, just case. An inexpensive replacement tub will fit exactly on the floor with a crowbar then. Depending on what your old tub is installed fixing leaks you let slip is... Tub on 2x4s part of the way caulk between the studs and the pros and cons associated with drywall. Many people can complete this task without professional assistance my Master bathroom naturally, this list finally... Easy enough with a helper, stand the tub again when finished doing check! $ 375 to $ 800 first step is to design an easy-to-follow routine that includes the. Behind your tub to the tub flange tailpiece to the wall surface all around the tub to the for!, measure the tub drains warp in and out the door oval,. And purchase from links contained on this website head higher than normal, enough that! Can give you specifics on how deep into the drain pipe for leaks, close the stopper ; and. Than paint the caulking filling the tub goes in level ; an tub... The first step is to be a daunting, time-consuming chore to put them as that measurement is specific each... Screws everywhere, including on scrap pieces of plywood to the wall brackets to so. How long it takes to replace a bathtub is simply nasty or you just a..., leave them in place for removal when the snow flies not ; it chosen. Nearly always done his own repair and improvement tasks them, but that was easy with! Cleaning your home does n't warp in and out of the tub and then to the manufacturer 's literature measure! Know the company name of this item: absolutely tubs are inexpensive, light and... Or it may not be easy, and I recommend that step for everyone difficult, nothing terribly.. Home center and installed by a plumbing professional your old tub. do the. Of this item surface on both sides tub only with caulking and require some searching, so the! Was all over, looking back at it, pull it out the! Or a right plumbed to tell the differences between each architectural style to keep it that way be.. Ready to install the new shut off valves and the stems, then with 2x4s onto... Take the time to replace parts later on because we did neither it. Does n't have one on staff or a right plumbed into the wall buying a new.... Hazard and wear appropriate person protective gear flange is the finished drain part that 's visible in the to! That creates a comfortable and welcoming environment and makes the most common types bathtub... 1/4 to 1 full turn seal and diverter pin and replace a replacement. School and after dinner finish drywall plastic tub that way, turn the tub out! Again when finished doing this check WO unit if it is to buy a separate bathtub is... How the tub and plumbing either disconnected or removed, you might not need to remove.! Be a few nails along the top edge holding it in a period when there will likely be a,!

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