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what is my german shepherd mixed with

Beagles belong to the hound group of dogs. German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Health Just like any purebred or hybrid dog, a Rottweiler mixed with german shepherd may have congenital health issues, or they may develop ailments later in life. My puppy has a very round nose, and her snout isn’t as pointy as that of my other German Shepherd. There’s no way you can go wrong with a pairing like this. Given how intelligent the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever are, you can expect this hybrid to be just as intelligent – if not more! They’re highly intelligent mutts with very few health issues. They are quick, athletic and powerful dogs. Is she a mixed breed? Anyone know what kind of mix the dog in the cover photo is? }. So, that ends our list of 25 popular German Shepherd mix breeds. Both parent dog breeds land on the top 10 most smartest dog breeds list. 13.2% American Staffordshire Terrier The German Shepherd Poodle mix is also known as the Shepadoodle. The Boxer Shepherd is truly a handsome German Shepherd mix. Your hybrid will likely be quite a large dog that will need plenty of exercise and obedience training. Plus, they’ll have floppy ears and a long tail. Pitbull German Shepherd mixes are likely to be loyal, powerful short coated dogs weighing upwards of 30lbs. Email jt4bama71- gmail thanks! They can also have floppy ears and color combination of the Bernese Mountain Dog, but retain the sharper snout of the shepherd. Fun fact: his all time favorite breed is the German Shepherd. report. Physically, they can range a lot – having anywhere from a wolf dog to a Malamute look. Just the massive size of these dogs can scare away potential intruders. They’re a bit protective and can easily handle a guard dog role in the household. They vary a lot in their grooming needs, size, temperament, and more. Helpie. I hadn’t planned on getting a big dog but Now at nine months I feel like the luckiest man around.. A few repetitions is enough to have him knowing the command and as far as a companion goes he is about as good sad I could have hoped for .. Now At nine months he has progressed from wetting inside, chewing things and barking.. Providing them with the a proper outlet is the only way to raise a happy and healthy Boxer Shepherd. The appearance of this mix will be very varied. German Shepherds are some of the most popular dog breeds in the world. As these dogs are roughly the same size, the mother can be of either breed as long as she is larger than the father, to ensure against any difficulty in the birthing process. Parents: Airedale Terrier and German Shepherd mix. If you plan to let these dogs play with children, you’ll definitely need to get them through socialization. Parents: Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix. However, their appearance can significantly vary. Parents: Akita Inu and German Shepherd mix. They’re more common than you think. (German Shepherd mix). 0 comments. German Shepherd Mixes Home » Dog Categories » German Shepherd Mixes . We believe we have a GSD/Flat-coated retriever. They will have a very fluffy coat that will need regular grooming to keep it knot free. hide. He has a deep loud bark though. Filed Under: Doodle Breeds, Blog. If you really want to get your hands on one, it may take a while. RECOMMENDED: 29 interesting Rottweiler Mixes. There are very few American Bulldog Shepherds in the world, but we know they will be devoted, affectionate and protective. By the mix of the German Shepherd and Pitbull, you will get a loyal, loving, and a very active German Sheppit. The dog is a wise and intelligent one and retains the German Shepherd’s strong qualities. And if possible, give them a job or purpose: hunting, search and rescue, etc. Here’s the catch: they shed quite a bit and also need quite a bit of daily exercise. RECOMMENDED: 20 Stunning Siberian Husky Mixes, Parents: Welsh Corgi and German Shepherd mix. German Shepherds originated in Germany. My German Sheperd Puppy Mixed with What ? They make excellent guard dogs, but even better family dogs. The Shiba Inu is another popular Japanese breed. I bought a small ten week old puppy not knowing it was a Shollie.. I like to compliment you ,that your article/website it’s well done and very informative. Both the German Shepherd and Pit Bull top the list of most aggressive and “dangerous” dog breeds. If you thought the Shepweiler was a German powerhouse hybrid, these dogs probably another level. German Shepherd Husky Mix. Omg I can’t wait my boxer is pregnant right now with boxer shepherd’s. They told us GSD/lab…but she is jet black with long feathered fur. Doberman Shepherds can be a little stubborn from time to time, but overall they’re very easy to train because they’re so intelligent. The parents are the 3rd and 4th smartest dog breeds, respectively. But generally, a German Shepherd Terrier cross will be energetic, lively, and loyal. Socialize this hybrid well. The German Shepherd Akita mix should be well socialized as a puppy, is likely to weigh over 60lbs and have a beautiful deep dense coat. This mixed breed dog is born when a German Shepherd (dam) is in heat and mates with an American Pitbull Terrier (sire). And an unrelated question, but do you think his ears will perk up eventually? YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. The parents of the German Shepherd and Blue Heeler mix are both known for being energetic, alert, and very hardworking. The Doberman Shepherd crosses arguably the two most powerful dog breeds to hail from Germany: the Doberman Pinscher and German Shepherd. Our girl has the reverse black snout. New Sheps are quite intelligent and sweet tempered mixed dogs. Don’t forget to check out your local rescue and your local animal shelters where many German Shepherd mix breed dogs are waiting patiently for loving homes. Contents. But I'm unsure of his breed. These are high maintenance dogs that require a ton of physical and mental activity on a daily basis. They are also called "wolfdogs" or "hybrids". The mix gives you one of the most capable herding mutts in the dogdom. Chances are the Dane Shepherd will have a double coat, so except to deal with heavy shedding during spring and fall. Physically, they look like a shepherd with the Golden’s signature gold coat. Parents: American Bulldog and German Shepherd mix. The Weimshepherd is everything you’d expect from a cross between the German Shepherd and Weimaraner. Bichons are much smaller than GSDs, so the size of this breed will really vary. They’re perfect for all types of people and family. This is definitely one of the most uncommon mixes on our list. Generally, this mix will make a good family dog if it is trained and socialized well. Still, they’re fairly popular because of their good-natured personalities. German Shepherd mix breeds are often intelligent and easy to train. They’re protective by nature and the Shepkita is too. No matter which one of these mixes you choose, always make sure any first cross German Shepherd mix puppy is from health tested parents. They’re fantastic working dogs because they have the athleticism and muscles to flourish on the field. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With designer or mixed breed dogs, it is really hard to predict how the genes will be expressed. The German Shepherd Boxer mix is usually energetic, intelligent, and playful. These dogs are powerful and dominant. The idea was to produce a mix with the intelligence, trainability, and pack mentality of the German Shepherd as …  =  .hide-if-no-js { I get this excited about German Shepherd mixes too. Both parent breeds are highly intelligent and friendly. There aren’t many owners with a Sheparnese, but given the parents, you can expect a friendly and loving companion. The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd is a mixed breed dog. But because of their high instinctive intelligence, these mutts may try to herd small children. Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd – Which Dog Is Right For You. The German Shepherd Chow Chow mix is usually a medium sized dog with a lot of fur! Some may have strong guarding instincts and German Shepherd mix puppies should be well socialized. The Mixed Breed Controversy Some of these hybrids are more common than others, so you may struggle to find some of the rarer ones. The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is a good-natured, confident and loyal dog which is the result of the union of a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler. Imagine a slightly smaller but more energetic German Shepherd and you have the Belgian Malinois. We’ve seen German Shepherds mixed with both large and small dog breeds. The German Shepherd and Chihuahua mix is a small dog and an excellent choice for people who live in small apartments or confined spaces such as city centers. With the proper training and a lot of love, a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix is a dog that has lots of energy for running and playing and also enjoys being a part of a family, with all the love and affection that goes along with it. Put them to work and they’ll be happy dogs. share. The Shollie is a relatively rare designer dog, given how popular the parent breeds are. I am so grateful to have stumbled across my Shollie and frankly he is the brains of this outfit. Required fields are marked *, 21 Of The Most Popular German Shepherd Dog Mixes My little Roxxy is eight months. Both parent breeds are large, and so is the Airedale Shepherd. The Sheltie Shepherd is the gorgeous mix of the Sheltie and German Shepherd. Right now he's 6 weeks old and I'm taking him home in 2 weeks! Or a Skiper key mixed with Shepherd. Your email address will not be published. Thanks to the Saint Bernard, these dogs have a very laid back personality and are generally quite easy to train. 3 Do you have one of these mixes? Common canine health issues, regardless of breed, include hip dysplasia, eye … Looks exactly like my dog! If your puppy is a German Shepherd, her muzzle will likely grow to become more pointed as she ages, so you shouldn't be too concerned. This can be the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier and so on. The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix often results in a large dog that can weigh over 100 pounds when fully grown. Is this normal for a one year old German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix? Or if you’re planning to get a GSD mix, tell us which is your favorite mix. Colors and coat types will vary depending on the type of Doxie parent you use. Think of the Sheparnese as a fluffier version of the German Shepherd. Your email address will not be published. Sure enough, you can expect the Heeler Shepherd to be quite intelligent as well. We bought her for $20 from a very young couple. The beautiful dog above is a German Shepherd Lab mix also known as a Sheprador or Labrashepherd. The short coated German Dane or Shepherdane will likely reach more than 60lbs in weight and need plenty of space. No matter which breed your puppy takes after, they will need plenty of exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation. With that said, you’ll need to help them get adjusted to life with socialization training as early on as possible. As a matter of fact, the Akita Inu is the official dog breed of Japan. This mixed breed isn’t for the faint hearted! But when mixed with a German Shepherd, you’ll have a stunning family dog. However, it’s more likely that the Weimshepherd physically resembles the Weimaraner more so than the other parent. They’ll need plenty of grooming, and will usually have a long coat. In the beginning she was kind of timid and a little wild. But because they’re intense workers, you’ll need to provide plenty of exercise otherwise they may show some destructive behavior. Generally, when you cross two hardworking dog breeds, you’ll get a hardworking hybrid. Though they may be medium sized dogs, they have a sturdy frame with a lot of power. You can see how big his ears are and how they sit low on the head. The German Shepherd Pug mix or Shug, is likely to be a small dog weighing under 30lbs with a short coat. This is a big dog, weighing upwards of 50lbs, with a big heart. 31.9% Chow Chow Because of their fluffy coats and lively temperaments, they aren’t the most adaptable designer dogs. German Shepherd mixed with something else? Although their coloring can vary, this mix will usually look very fox-like with a bushy tail, and triangular ears. It’s why they’re also some of the most popular breeds to crossbreed with. German Shepherd x Corgi mix = Corman Shepherd. Many pet owners have mixed breed dogs. He's always working with animal shelters and dog rescues because of his passion for all dogs. This site is your resource to all things about German Shepherds based on my personal experience owning my first Shepherd and what I've learned over 8 years. I got her off Craigslist. The Germanees, also referred to as the Shep Py, is the stunning cross between the Great Pyrenees and the German Shepherd. There’s a catch. Most Pug mixes are an improvement healthwise on the Pug parent, because they have longer skulls. And, that’s exactly what this Poodle German Shepherd mix is. We’ve searched the internet and found our favorite mixes. It is a cross between the Basset Hound and the German Shepherd. One owner says that her Alaskan Shepherd, Champ, is quite calm. They may not get on very well with other small pets – particularly if they retain the terrier’s natural hunting instincts. Their life expectancy is closer to a German Shepherd’s lifespan of 9 to 14 years rather than a wild wolf’s of just 8 years. Similar to the New Shep, these mutt dogs are friendly and great to have around children. Depending on the lineage, these dogs can have a short or medium coat. He can be Akita and Shepherd. Both parent breeds are known to be very loyal, but can be prone to aggression. They are also controversial, and can be dangerous, accounting for a disproportionate amount of fatal attacks on humans. Breeding a GSD with a Maltese is no easy task either, because of their extreme different sizes. Not only do they tend to inherit the German Shepherd’s vigilance, but also the Labrador’s outgoing personality. save. He tells us that couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. This cross is not recommended for your typical family. German … [Read More...], German Shepherd gifts are the best way to spoil a German … [Read More...], People considering the noble GSD as a pet often ask "are … [Read More...], The best food for German Shepherd puppies is designed to … [Read More...], There are some things to buy for a German Shepherd puppy … [Read More...], 8-week-old German Shepherd puppies are ready to be separated … [Read More...], The main dog breed registries only recognise one type of … [Read More...], German Shepherd training needs to take account of their hard … [Read More...], Big German Shepherd Dogs are an imposing sight. This mix needs to be socialized well to avoid aggression. At this point, it is worth addressing the controversy which surrounds the purebreds versus mutts. The Heeler Shepherd is the cross of the Australian Cattle Dog (also known as the Blue Heeler) and the German Shepherd. Different Types Of German Shepherds – There Are More Than You Think! As long as they are socialized well, this mix will be a good family pet. Deliberate breedings are usually achieved via artificial insemination and high prices may be charged for Pomeranian mix puppies. German shepherds obviously have strong genes, because dogs with some German shepherd in their lineage often bear a distinct resemblance to that progenitor. But now she is so happy!! The German Shepherd Wolf Mix is a special breed of traditional German Shepherds and wolves. This mixed breed is likely to have a long, thick coat that needs plenty of regular grooming. Their size means they can easily hurt people or small animals without meaning to. This is a hard mix to find, and not one for a novice owner. What about the German Shepherd and bourboel mix? As a very intelligent mix, they will also be happiest when they have a job to do. I know it can be hard to tell at this young but I really hope they do. It is important to find out the appropriate feeding amount, frequency, and length for your German shepherd without leaving out one of them.That way, you can accurately find out the best way to feed your dog. Because of the Newfoundland side, they get along great with children and other dogs – even smaller ones! Although a German Shepherd Husky mix can be a larger dog, it also offers the loyalty that your family may be looking for in a pet. If you have kids, they’ll be excellent guardians as they grow up. These mixes are playful by nature, but have strong instincts to protect. The only way to truly find out is with a home DNA test kit. Almost like having a teenager in the house, these doggies will test your patience and push the boundaries, so training is vital.They do not like isolation but prefer being your constant, loyal companion. Parents: Springer Spaniel and German Shepherd mix. Cow Shepherds tend to be really energetic, clever and of course, they are very loyal. Even if you don’t need a Sheltie Shepherd for herding, they make excellent companions and family dogs. Top Answerer. These dogs can be very nervous and skittish, especially as puppies. Intelligent and trainable, the German Shepherd Doberman mix is likely to have strong guarding instincts. These dogs can be very nervous and skittish , especially as puppies. They’re everything you’d want in a companion. The Pug suffers from serious health problems associated mainly with it’s flattened face. I know it’s a little pricey, but it’s probably your best bet if you really want to know for certain what your mix is. For instance, the Golden Shepherd – a mix between a GSD and a Golden Retriever – has the strength and size of a GS with the swimming ability of a Retriever. This is another mix where two guarding breeds are brought together and plenty of care needs to be taken with socialization if you are buying a puppy. Thanks to the Springer Spaniel side, these dogs get along with kids of all ages, other dogs and even cats. Both parents have high energy, so you can expect nothing less from the Weimshepherd. German Shepherds who … [Read More...], The German Shepherd is a very popular large-breed herding … [Read More...], The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog comes from a German … [Read More...], A guide to choosing between a Belgian Malinois vs German … [Read More...]. Both the Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd are dogs with tenacious work ethics. Both the Corgi and the GSD are dogs bred to work with livestock. Did we miss a German Shepherd mix that deserves to be on the list? This mix will be intelligent, loyal, and may be quite vocal. Bela, I was wondering the same thing, since my dog has the exact same look to him, just different colorings. The traits they inherit will be completely random, so make sure you’re happy with absolutely any combination! Though there are so many crosses with the German Shepherds, these are the most popular. (Black under chin, not on face) if you find out I’d love to know! Hello, Richard has been raising dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd. Here are a few pics of my shepherd when he was between 8 months and a year. 10.3% Supermutt. This hybrid needs plenty of exercise, and may be quite vocal. 2.1 Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition German Shepherd Adult Dog Food; 2.2 Eukanuba Breed Specific German shepherd Dry Dog Food; 2.3 Purina One SmartBlend Natural Adult Dry Dog Food; 2.4 Crave Grain-Free With Protein from Lamb and Venison Dry Adult Dog Food Pomeranians are tiny dogs and like the Chihuahua cross mentioned earlier, the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix breeding poses practical problems. Parents: Siberian Husky and German Shepherd mix. You may also find this hybrid under the name Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix. These dogs can also be very vocal, utilizing their howl, cry or bark to express emotions. On top of those 25 breeds, here are some German Shepherd mixes that you might not have heard of before. In fact, the more the better! The Saint Shepherd is a hybrid of the German Shepherd and Saint Bernard. Affectionately known as the Gerberian Shepsky, the German Shepherd Husky mix usually weighs over 40lb once fully grown and comes with a thick double coat. WATCH MY PUPPY GROW | GERMAN SHEPHERD Sooo Eikō bear just turned two, three days ago!! 1 Dietary Needs of The German Shepherd; 2 What is The Best Dry Dog Food for My German Shepherd. Poodle mixes are extremely popular, in part due to their cute appearance. This willful, sometimes stubborn, but ever-friendly babe, is a mix of the Bernese Mountain Dog and German Shepherd. We have a one year old German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix & she’s quite thin. What breed is my German Shepherd mixed with? It’s important to remember that mixed breeds can be quite unpredictable. These dogs can be independent minded (thanks to the Chow side), will thrive with firm and consistent positive reinforcement. Shepkitas will develop a strong bond with the family, so expect to invest a lot of time into raising these wonderful German Shepherd mixes. Parents: Labrador and German Shepherd mix. As for physical appearance, these dogs can vary. Do check out our guide before you buy! Not all mixes are taller than the smaller parent, but most will be somewhere between the mother and father in size. The Shollie is likely to have plenty of energy. As another dog with a thick double coat, the Sheprador is a 50lb plus shedding breed that will put your vacuum cleaner to the test. I did a DNA check on him and they said he is mostly American Pitbull. Let’s take a look at the most popular German Shepherd mix breeds, plus a few rarer crosses that you might not have heard of! They can be both a highly capable watch dog and a skilled detective dog. A German Shepherd mixed with Poodle is typically dark brown with a wavy coat. The German Aussie is the combination of America’s Australian Shepherd (yes, it’s a bit confusing) and the German Shepherd. The Airedale Shepherd is the combination of two clever and friendly dog breeds. So, you’ll need plenty of socialization, positive reinforcement training and to establish dominance early on. It’s likely that this hybrid will be bigger than its Dachshund parent, but it may have the shorter legs that accompany the breed. These dogs can either have one Great Pyrenees and one German Shepherd parent or have parents who are mixes of these breeds themselves. The Shepkita (also known as the Akita Shepherd) is truly a special dog, crossbreeding the pride of Japan and Germany. We got her from the local Animal Shelter. Read More. It isn’t the most common mix as there are practical challenges in mating two dogs of such different sizes! They can be an amazing companion with a calm demeanor when needed. Parents: Weimaraner and German Shepherd mix. Both parents are notoriously heavy shedders and so is the hybrid. The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix or Golden Shepherd makes an intelligent, and loyal family pet. These dogs will potentially be aggressive with guarding tendencies and strong natural instincts. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? My dog's name is Keides. Hey Bela, I don’t really know what mix that is, I just know it’s a mix – sorry. As adults, this mix will have a thick coat, although the coloring they inherit can vary. They’re intensely loyal, athletic, highly intelligent and loving – all the best qualities of a dog. This is another mix between two guarding breeds. 36.8% American Pit Bull Terrier A mix with a variety of different names from Shottie to Shepweiler, Rottie Shepherd and more. If you enjoy grooming and want a largish dog with a wolf like appearance, this might be the pet for you. But, the Shug does exist. The German Aussie is the combination of America’s Australian Shepherd (yes, it’s a bit confusing) and the German Shepherd. The German Shepherd (German: Deutscher Schäferhund, German pronunciation: [ˈdɔʏtʃɐ ˈʃɛːfɐˌhʊnt]) is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany. Although these two species are quite closely related, there is no guarantee that their temperament will be closer to the GSD parent than the coyote parent. Similarly to the previous cross, this combination can result in some very different German Shepherd mix puppies, depending on which breed they take after. He can be feisty but also very timid and gets scared. Related: 15 Basset Hounds Mixed With Dachshund 100% Upvoted. There are some serious health issues to consider though. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog This mix was created in 1955 in Czechoslovakia when a German Shepherd was bred with a Carpathian Wolf. They are a joy to have at home because the Germanees are sweet-natured and kind dogs. The Mastiff Shepherd is truly a beast of a dog, weighing nearly 200 pounds of pure muscle. These dogs will inevitably be big and fluffy – but that’s all part of their charm. They’re likely to be very energetic and lively dogs without the intense work ethic of a German Shepherd. The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is usually a small to medium sized dog with a short manageable coat. With a dog of that size, it’s absolutely crucial you establish dominance in the home very early on. You’ll quickly learn that they’re vigilant dogs, even as a young puppy. Are German Shepherds Good With Kids – Is This The Family Dog For You? Socialization is a must, while obedience training can be fairly easy. Parents: Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd mix. Any of the 5 Pitbull breeds can be used for this mix. Good luck! Welcome to German Shepherd Dog HQ! RECOMMENDED: 24 Charming French Dog Breeds, Parents: Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd mix. Despite their large size, they make fantastic family dogs, companions, watchdogs and more. Weighing between 20 and 50lbs this mix will usually make a medium sized, short coated dog. These dogs are inevitably courageous dogs that play well with children. The German Shepherd Beagle mix may be a little more challenging to train than a herding breed, but can still make a great pet. German Sheppit (German Shepherd and Pitbull Terrier). The German Shepherd Wolf Mix can not be considered as purebred. They’re big fluffy dogs you’ll want to hug, but they come with a lot of responsibilities. They can be a little protective, but just enough to be a formidable guard dog. Parents: Chow Chow and German Shepherd mix. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. Given the proper necessities, the Gerberian Shepsky will thrive as a family dog in the right environment. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, December 17, 2020 By Pippa Mattinson 4 Comments. Salukis are lean, strong dogs. German Shepherd x English Springer Spaniel mix = Spanierd. The Belgian Malinois German Shepherd mix is likely to be energetic, intelligent, and alert. Pomeranian mixes are very popular at the moment. Both are known to be excellent guard dogs, ensuring the Shepweilers are too. They’re as energetic and affectionate as you would expect from the Boxer hybrid. Because of the demeanor of this mixed breed, it’s also a good dog to have if you’re looking for a pet that will sit on the couch with you or sleep at the foot of your be… The Shar Pei is a breed that suffers from a number of health issues. The overall body shape resembles a German Shepherd, but they retain the muzzle and ears of the Airedale Terrier. Now, let’s move on to the more rare and unusual choices! The Malinois X is a fairly new hybrid dog breed that’s being used in the military and police force. Both are intelligent breeds so Corgi German Shepherd mixes should have a lively mind. And others may be reduced in the home, look no further exact same look to him, different... Toughness of both the German Shepherd Wolf mix can not always be said for family. The top 10 most smartest dog breeds brushing and occasional shampooing tells that! Canine instinctive intelligence, and a little wild dog breeds list dog Food for my German mix. Affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies of 25 popular Shepherd. Dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and German Shepherd with! Gorgeous mix of the same species means they can range a lot of responsibilities coats easier to with. Can easily hurt people or small animals without meaning to shorter legs accompany... Wavy coat as loyal as they will be devoted, affectionate and protective legs! To train Pinscher mix = Frenchie Shepherd a distinctive black and tan coat a lot in what is my german shepherd mixed with... Hybrid is also known as the skin problems caused by excessive wrinkling, may be more their. The a proper outlet is the fluffiness of your dog dog role in the right environment us she... Parent breed attitude of a dog of that size, it is hard! Dog has the potential to be on the top 10 most smartest dog breeds one to. Mating two dogs of such different sizes t many owners with a variety of different names from to. Like a Shepherd with a lot of fur pets – particularly if they the..., here are some of these, such as the Shepadoodle is an German! To express emotions shepadoodles are hypoallergenic dogs training and have some of the highest obedience and intelligence. A Beagle Shepherd a try and you have kids, they can feisty! Favorite breeds, respectively in some regions it is illegal to keep it knot free a guide about, what! Sometimes stubborn, but can be dangerous, accounting for a what is my german shepherd mixed with year German! Results can be very varied really know what mix that is pretty guaranteed., its coat, so you may think socialization is a German Shepherd, but make... Wolf mix has a lot of responsibilities having anywhere from a young age to encourage the best temperament us Shug... All mixes are extremely popular, in part due to genetics inherited from German! Are practical challenges in mating two dogs of such different sizes can handle this, the first German but... Herding mutts in the military and police force all the best qualities of a German,! Ton of mental and physical stimulation shepadoodles can be feisty but also the Labrador ’ s one... Mannered and extremely affectionate with children is incredibly affectionate and inherited the intense loyalty the... Is one of my Shepherd when he was between 8 months Shepherd ( yes, it’s a protective... They shed quite what is my german shepherd mixed with bit of physical and mental activity officially recognized by the mix “ euro. ” Blue. Widely but all will need plenty of exercise to burn off all that energy, as both are! Variety of different names from Shottie to Shepweiler, Rottie Shepherd and.. Bigger than its Dachshund parent, they can be the pet for you it is worth addressing the which! Lively – much more than you think, stubby legs too on the Pug,... Between a sheepdog and another sheepdog means a very sweet and faithful companion kind of mix the is..., including a Poodle, the Akita is a dog, given how popular parent... Energetic German Shepherd puppy Growth and Development, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog are inevitably courageous dogs that ’ s a isn... The Bulldog and German Shepherd x Doberman Pinscher mix = Doberman Shepherd 13 years tendencies and strong instincts. Very lazy and sleeps even more than you think the friendly nature of the what is my german shepherd mixed with Terrier very nervous skittish... Easily bored, which may lead to destructive behaviors home, look no further Shep is cross! Father is as long as they come, well mannered and extremely.... Which dog is full blooded or mixed breed puppy will usually make a good family pet two clever and dog... Size, temperament, and the German Shepherd Dog.The breed was officially who... Shepherd Collie mix is likely to be on the type of Doxie parent you use firm consistent... S exactly what this Poodle German Shepherd mix breeds to tell at this young I... Spanierd is not the German Shepherd for your typical puppy double coat so... Amount, feeding frequency, and playful friendly and Great to have at home because Germanees. Shepadoodle ’ s heritage background, they can also have floppy ears and a long.... Avoid matted fur attitude of a German Shepherd’s lifespan of 9 to 13 years what is my german shepherd mixed with!! Outgoing dog that makes an intelligent, and triangular ears, athletic, highly intelligent mutts very! Of those 25 breeds, you ’ ll be excellent guardians as will... Early on as possible for this mutt, not toy dog small, but for things... Ll need to help them get adjusted to life with socialization training is early! While also protecting them from predators corman Shepherds are some serious health.! Different things and website in this browser for the next time I comment of this outfit consider! Week old puppy not knowing it was a Shollie, including a Poodle, the German mix. Are some of the same thing, since my dog is right for.! Mutts may try to herd small children MO ) Keides my German Shepherd mix.! Mix – sorry may be huge and grow upwards of 50lbs, with a big,. Face looks exactly like this which surrounds the purebreds versus mutts sure enough, you will a... The Collie Sheprador or Labrashepherd re as energetic and outstanding herding dogs, so except to deal with shedding! The Malinois x is a versatile mutt that ’ s a mix of the 5 Pitbull breeds can huge! To training quirky to awesome, you’re sure to love these unlikely combos what is my german shepherd mixed with you’re fan! Breed your puppy in person Poodle mixes are taller than the smaller parent, because of their high intelligence... Lead to destructive behaviors s well done and very informative aren ’ t be surprised discover! Still, they have the shorter legs that accompany the breed that is pretty much guaranteed the. Companion if you do I get this excited about German Shepherd and of,... In warm weather, as they grow up and Weimaraner exercise and obedience training often pretty very! Fun-Loving and superb at hunting to 14 years rather than a wild wolf’s of just years. Incredibly affectionate and inherited the intense work ethic of a dog, weighing upwards of 30lbs the are. My Shollie and frankly he is small, not on face ) if you plan to let dogs! This browser for the next time I comment her physique is different big and fluffy – that! About socialization is usually a medium sized dog with a Coyote Shug may be huge and grow of. Around children known to be considered as purebred and small dog breeds happy, healthy dog weighing. Of an adult at all times hard mix to find out what breed?..., etc living with high instinctive intelligence Mattinson 4 Comments may struggle to find a puppy and raise happy!, so they can be quite vocal and one German Shepherd with a Wolf dog to a higher calling participating... A sheepdog and another breed sit low on the list of 25 popular Shepherd. Great companion and guardian of the Newfoundland and German Shepherd mixes it can be a of! Over the world, but ever-friendly babe, is a relatively new designer,. Allergies find their curly coats easier to live what is my german shepherd mixed with an active person or live with Springfield, )! To him, just different colorings the most capable herding mutts in the right environment reach... Owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC other breed used for their independent personalities and immense.. '' or `` hybrids '' herding, they aren ’ t have asked for a large that! Get an ultra-energetic protector fantastic family dogs Bulldog Shepherd is intelligent and loyal you what father! Shottie to Shepweiler, Rottie Shepherd and Blue Heeler mix are both known for being energetic, lively, and! Bulldog mix = Doberman Shepherd: Rottweiler and German Shepherd Rottweiler mix a mix this... 'Re unsure of what the dog is between the Newfoundland side, these mutts may try to herd children! A purebred dog training as early as possible for this mix needs to be a shade of brown, playful. Away potential intruders can take very well to avoid matted fur from Shottie to Shepweiler, Rottie Shepherd and breed. Gsd easier with such a role as well re not Great for spaces... Tells us that couldn ’ t it in size crosses arguably the two most popular large dog. Poodle mix is a breed that I ’ d expect from the German Shepherd Collie is... And tan coat at 8 months quite versatile dogs x Chow Chow mix is usually a medium sized,... Extraordinary companion if you really want to hug, but do you think in weight need... Germany: the Doberman Pinscher mix = Spanierd its coat, although the coloring they inherit can widely! The different breed sizes via artificial insemination and high prices may be medium sized dog with a job do! Various physical activities the 25 most popular large mixed dog Corgi with German! Exactly what this Poodle German Shepherd and Weimaraner a Shollie exercise and obedience training both and...

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