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The Anki Medschool section provides High Yield Information needed for USMLE, COMLEX, Medical School, Residency, and as a practicing Physician. Spaced repetition lets you remember anything forever - and so it’s best to start as early as possible. Facebook Share on twitter. These Anki decks can help you learn french, memorize geography, understand anatomy, & more! Decks Available. These anki flashcards made for USMLE Step 2 CK. I’m really glad (and a little surprised) that many have found my Step 1 Anki deck useful. Download (118Mb) 6. Pepper Pharmacology Anki Deck (Sketchy Micro & First Aid) Download (159Mb) 7. Pepper Pathoma Anki Deck… We originally shared it on reddit with this post. You can resort the results by clicking on a column heading. Zanki Pharmacology Anki Deck (First Aid 2016/2017 & Sketchy Pharm) Download (133Mb) 3. The order of titles seems totally random. Tons of free decks. Download (717Mb) 5. Pepper Microbiology Anki Deck. Scan the deck for viruses (optional) Anki Decks used for Step 1: Zanki (Biochem, Immunology, Basic Pathology, Reproductive) Lolnotacop (Follows sketchy micro and uworld micro) Lightyear (everything else - follows Boards and Beyond and FA) Dorian's Anatomy Deck; I am separating Anki altogether because if I had to separate one source that helped me get this score, it would be Anki. I personally like WiWa better because it has some explanation and other details with regards to the cards. I also spent an hour or so every day reviewing my Step 2CK Anki deck. Once you're done with the railings, use a roller brush to coat the deck and stairs, working with the grain of the wood, parallel to the boards. Maybe too many. We will see about my performance on Step 2. Click Title to sort by title. My deck is a compilation of Step Up to Medicine, Pocket Guide to Medicine, USMLE Step 2CK and other random facts from the wards. WiWa Step 2 CK/Clerkships Deck. Also go from UW average in the 50s-60s to 70s-80s. Pretty chill and the doc + resident don't expect anything from me. Post-Step 1 / Level 1 Anki Use Survey: (Pre-Step 2 / Level 2) Anonymous Step 1 / Level 1 r/medicalschoolanki survey This survey is intended ONLY for medical students that used Anki to prepare for USMLE Step 1 / COMLEX Level 1 and are preparing to take USMLE Step 2 / COMLEX Level 2. Like the Zanki Step 2 deck, this deck is based on UWorld Step 2 CK questions, but this deck is made more in the style of Brosencephalon’s Step 1 deck, with short questions and limited. There you go. However, if you want to match into a competitive specialty or need to make up for a Step 1 score that you're not happy with, it is essential that you crush Step 2CK. I built a pretty comprehensive Anki deck for internal medicine, since this was the one clerkship where I actually wanted to remember and retain info for the long term. How To. Because the results are ordered by download. It combines the best parts of Dorian and Zanki Step 2 and merges with the Step 1 deck. Share on facebook. USMLE. The cards could be more granular; decks tend to be fairly broad. Resources: UW (once during clerkship, repeat during dedicated), OME, Emma Holliday Videos (heard these are good haven't really looked at them yet), SU2M and mostly just Dorans anki deck to solidify knowledge. This deck is a mostly comprehensive deck for USMLE Step 2. The entire list is way too long. I did not use any other resources in the 3 and a half weeks leading up to my test, and ultimately this strategy served me well. It is also forever updatable so we as a medical school community can continually update it for new content. Click again to reverse the sort. Just started 3rd year with an IM-selective in cardiology. All knowledges are collected from a lot of materials of USMLE, Qbanks, Books… such as: First aid, Uworld, UWSA… WiWa Deck includes a lot of subjects of step 2 CK examination: Internal medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology Pediatrics Psychiatry Statistics Surgery… Background The MedSchoolGurus Anki Decks are an ongoing collaborative effort between Deck Creators Dr. Tyler Bauman and Dr. Francis Deng and MedSchoolGurus Founder Dr. Michael Dworkin.. Get the top 10 best anki decks of 2019 to help improve your memorization. Comprehensive decks are available for Step 1, Step 2 CK, and each of the major clinical clerkships (Internal Medicine, OBGYN, Surgery, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and Psychiatry). It’s not quite the monster that Step 1 is, and with the right system and approach, you too can crush it! Oh. These flashcards were made with Anki, a flashcard application built around a spaced repetition algorithm.Anki is free for your desktop and Android device, $25 for your iOS device, and your account can be accessed and synced across devices and through a web-browser.. Once downloaded, simply double click the .apkg file or import it manually through Anki to get started! Why is “Heisig’s Remember the Kanji” first? The above decks are necessary in order to destroy the ward and shelf exams. Anki: Download Shared Decks. The AnKing Step 2 Deck . Medschool Anki contains all the relevant information to High Yield Anki decks for the USMLE Step 1, 2, 3, Medical School, and Residency for Medical Students and Resident Physicians. Duke's Pathoma Anki Deck . Download; WiWa Step 2 CK/Clerkships Deck. WiWa … I use the best of these cards to constantly update the Anki deck, and will release updates in the future. Pick one and stick to it. Lightyear, Boards + Beyond Anki Deck (Boards and Beyond videos) Download (701Mb) 4. Some students complain there is too much detail. Im schedule to take step 1 in June and I am wond I never used USMLE Rx or other Qbanks besides UWorld. It is arguably (and probably empirically) more difficult than UWorld. The Anki deck comes pre-divided; Cons: There are just too many cards (20,000+) to get through in a single dedicated test prep time frame (

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