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border collie dominance issues

They are medium-sized with smooth, medium or rough coats. For the last few months, she does not like to be pet, scratched or loved on in any way. Most dogs that don’t have dominance issues will also act this way because dogs tend to be protective of their food. My dad lives two houses down and his miniature dotson that’s in heat and he is non stop winning. If your Border Collie no longer trusts you or is questioning your every move, this means he stopped seeing you as the pack leader or the “Alpha dog”. Also: He has people agreession but only to specific individuals. She gets 3 walks a day and plenty of stimulation too, I just don’t understand where I am going wrong. And CONSTANT insecurity which turns into FEAR which then TURNS INTO AGRESSION TOWARDS YOU since YOU are the one CAUSING HIS PROBLEMS in the first place. When a happy friendly dog comes up to him he does the same and the other good dog reacts like he’s just met a nut case and will leave. A dog will NOT listen if they do not have ANY sense of respect. with men she had been a nightmare – she would just lunge at any man passing her, with no warning that was visible to anyone except someone who knew her well. Below are some tips to help you deal with your Border Collie’s dominance. You obviously have issues that you are transferring to your poor ANNOYING dog. I NEVER hit him n his face or with anything that will break a bone or knock out a tooth. Seriously? Below are some common signs indicating Border Collie dominance problems: If your Border Collie likes leading the rest of the pack, he will think he is their leader. The dog is not a child and can not rationalize why he was put in the room in the first place. Ma chienne , Border collie semble porteuse d'une tare à cause de sa dominante blanche ; j'ai lu cela sur la toile ! They’re also excitable and it could be that your very loving children are ramping her up without realizing it. Border collie 8semaine et 1jour. Your approach OBVIOUSLY doesnt work. There are a couple of signals that you need to watch out if you suspect that your dog has developed dominance issues. And to beat him because he went to the door? Do you even take your dog to a dog park, do you walk him? However sometimes leash pulling could be a symptom of other problems, like a dog that’s too excited or a dog doesn’t get enough walks. Just beside myself on what to do. He is OBVIOUSLY not a good dog for you to have. But he will not listen to me. It’s sometimes easy to confuse dominance with just normal dog behavior, so don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. In the wild, the role of the alpha dog is to tell members of his pack what to do and to teach them how to behave. Violence only reinforces aggression. If your Collie is growling at you simply because you are playing with is toys, touching his bowl, moving near his bed or trying to boss him around, this means that he thinks you’re not his leader or he doesn’t trust you. He is not a human being which IS capable of understanding these types of consequences. A Border Collie that feels like she is above you in the social dog hierarchy will not hesitate to growl at you or even bite you. I know a lady who is an expert in behavioural problems etc but I can’t get her round to my house for two weeks with holidays etc. Give her things to chew on…lots of different things, different sizes, colors, shapes, textures. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Border Collie Dominance Issues & Problems, Finding a Reputable Border Collie Breeder, Best Border Collie Agility Training Equipment Kits. ?when we come dwn with him he curls up and goes to sleep. There are many reasons why your Border Collie will bark, here are some techniques to help you stop the barking: If your border collie is barking madly at passersby, get out a spray bottle filled with water. You should NEVER ‘whoop’ a dog, any dog with a belt or any object. I hope you’re problems have gone away. Poids: de 15 à 25 kg. Il s’agit d’un chien qui a un besoin constant d’être en mouvement. Sa souplesse de caractère est certainement sa qualité première. There are some so called “tips” outlined in dog training guide books and some popular dog training websites that are quite misleading. We do not have children and we do not subject her to being around children, but on the few occasions children were around she focused right in on them and with hair up on her back she would not stop barking and lunging at them. Your email address will not be published. No wonder he snapped at you. In this case, try turning your back to him when he jumps and teach him that he only gets attention when his … I have been taking him to many pet stores and to a weekly puppy socialization class. You need to google the term “non-violent dog training” and see the PLETHORA of resources at your disposal. merci de me répondre . Whenever you try pushing your Collie off the bed and it growls in response, there is a good chance he thinks that you don’t have authority over him. but he has started waking us up at 4am he wont stop untill we come downstairs with him ,he sleeps down stair but the doors are open for him to come up as in the past he has riped door apart and carpet up ,so we let him up with us he quiet happy untill the same time and then he does anything to get us out of bed even stand on our heads and pushes us out ? lol I just ignored him, took his toy and walked away and when he went on the lead I over praised him. He completley listens to my husband. Ce chien de berger anglo-écossais doit sans doute sa popularité au film Babe, le cochon devenu berger qui a connu un immense succès à sa sortie en 1995 et a marqué les esprits de plus d'une famille ! Dominance issues are quite common with Border Collies On the whole they are a bold breed. It’s the most recommended guide book that covers all you need to know about raising a happy and healthy. my border collie is 6 years old quiet a few issue ,he is very noise sensitive especialy bin day !!! Now we just kennel her when children are around as we feel she must have been abused by children and the reason for her behavior is fear. Good for him for biting your leg! Il se dresse plutôt facilement car il est intelligent et doté d’une bonne compréhension. I know when my dad’s dog is out of heat he will calm down but he needs to know not to bite me or anyone unless given the order to protect. Border Collie aggression problem? It was because he was trying to PROTECT HIMSELF FROM YOU – its called FIGHT OR FLIGHT. How does one WEAR OUT their dog? Therefore you have to be extremely careful when you are training your dog that is dominant … In some cases it is genetic. Été comme hiver, pluie, vent, canicule, il sera toujours à vos côtés, prêt pour une balade ou pour aller travailler et n’aimera rien de plus, le soir venu, que de se blottir sur le divan à vos côtés en se faisant grattouiller la tête. how do i make him know I’m alpha male in the house and he is to fear and obey me?? So now I’ve got him and he’s improved so much. I got a husky/border collie cross 4 weeks ago from a shelter. really think that helped! Try reading some books and educate yourself. This can be practiced in the house or garden. Dominance can arise in many situations with other dogs and humans. When it is distracted from barking, call your border … NOT ABUSIVE AND SHORT OF PATIENCE. Je souhaitais lui permettre , plus tard, (elle a tout juste 5 mois et demi) de mettre au monde une portée; Dois-je préférer la stérilisation ! Le blanc dominant chez le border collie est une tare génétique qui a toutes les chances d’être à l’origine de cécité et surdité. Each dog knows where it stands in the pack. Some 16 years ago I obtained a 10 month old border collie bitch from a rescue home who had similar issues. This is exactly what you have to do. If your dog has developed dominant behavior and thinks himself above you, he will not even hesitate to bark and growl at you, and he may also bite you. If your Collie has some of the behavioral challenges listed in this article, it doesn’t inevitably mean that he has dominance problems. Poil: le plus souvent noir et blanc, court ou mi-long avec crinière. Believe it or not I’ve read some of these so called “tips” in dog training books and even found some on popular dog training websites. Many behavioural problems that occur to the Border Collie happen because the dog is being kept in a situation or environment that is conflicting with its natural instinctive behavioural drives or over stimulating its enhanced sensitivity or failing to satisfy its intelligence and working ability. Your border collie needs a long walk, hike or jog at least once a day. How Much Exercise Does a Rough Collie Need. Not to mention – if you fly off the handle out of him spilling his food bowl, he will be in constant FEAR. Ce n’est clairement pas un chien de compagnie qui pourra se contenter de dormir toute la journée sur le canapé et se contenter d’une balade de 10-20 minutes. They make great pets, but like any breed, are not for everyone. P.S. Lately she has been nipping and growling at our male friends so she is getting worse. Your poor, abused dog will not listen to you now. Re: border collie : reproduction et génétiques Lou le Mer 17 Déc 2014, 14:30 Après une rapide recherche il semblerait que ce soit une volonté du club de race de limiter la productions de chiens autres que N&B, pour éviter l'aspect "commercial" qu'on connait dans beaucoup de races. I have a 13 week old collie that we have had for just over one week now. Le Border Collie est un des chiens les plus intelligents.Ce chien de berger tenace, rapide, indépendant, travailleur et très docile est vigilant, mais aussi réceptif. Sometimes you can confuse a dog’s dominance with his normal behavior, so don’t be quick to judge what is happening. She was much too young at 13 weeks to have any real behavioral problems and waiting a couple of weeks for the behaviorist should have been ok. All, and I mean ALL puppies nip and chew, chew and nip, that’s just how they are. As a Border Collie owner, one of the problems you may encounter is dominance issues. Un Border Collie, c’est un ami pour la vie qui ne vous laissera jamais tomber. The reason for this sign majorly depends on the kind of situation. If your dog has couple of the behavior habits listed below, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your Collie has dominance issues. The previous owners must have only had her 2-3 weeks at the most and I dint think much was done with her. Collie eye anomaly (CEA), a genetic disease which causes improper development of the eye and possible blindness, is a common ailment in the breed. When your Collie starts growling or gets distrustful whenever you touch his bowl while he is eating, this can be a sign of dominance. To regain your Collie’s trust, you will then have to make him see you still have the needed qualities to lead the pack. He bites on my boys pants and arm sleeves. She has always been one to love being pet, rubbed, etc. Le Border Collie est docile et particulièrement vif. Did you give him some treats to occupy his brain – where he has to work to get them out of the toy? THAT IS HIS PRIMAL INSTINCT AND IS NOT HIS FAULT. I am the main walker but this week my husband is doing it cause standing in the pitch black field has put me off! How do you solve Border Collie dominance issues and problems? One is the runt, and one was the most dominant in the litter. Once in awhile he will have a calm day and listen to everything I say. We are committed to him for his life but would like to get over this issue. Border Collie’s Dominance Issues. It will only harm the relationship between you and your dog and can lead to further aggression problems. PS.. you’re not an alpha male – you are a coward and a bully. Border Collies are so easily bored. Maintenant, les moutons commencent à courir et le Border Collie les suit, de manière solide et détermin… It could also mean that your Collie simply loves human food. Pour accomplir sa tâche, il a développé de nombreux atouts : très soumis à son maître, obéissant et très doux. I have had dogs before when I lived at home, these being labradors and dobermans and I trusted them 110%, but my trust with my collie is dwindling. I know he can do better. He was ‘bugging’ you, and you decide to WEAR HIM OUT WITH THE BELT? We have had some issues with him mouthing to hard both on arms and legs. What I did was to hide the lead and during the walk call her. Dogs have a strong hierarchical structure when living in the wild. But, im so glad that you didnt hit him hard enough to knock out a tooth, or break a bone. I love this dog and want to keep him, but he MUST obey me. Wuss, You hit your dog with your belt?! We’ve tried walking him in public places and he’s good until he gets triggered and we just can’t figure it out. Every time she came close to me I would give a click on the clicker and drop a treat. If your Collie begins leading you whenever you are out for a walk and is not listen to you, it … Your dog does NOT listen to you because he does NOT respect you. Dominant Aggression - If your collie has developed dominant behavior, then she might feel like she needs to use aggression to keep her dominance over you. Did he perhaps have to go the bathroom? In the wild, the alpha dog is the one that teaches the rest of the pack how to behave and tells them what to do, which will exactly what you will be doing. You are DISGUSTING. Seriously? Had very bad dog domance agression. HE FOUGHT YOU BECAUSE HE COULDNT RUN AWAY FROM YOU. Dominant Behavior and Aggression: Neglecting your border collie’s dominant behavior make him believe that, to keep his dominance over you, he needs to be aggressive. While Rough Collies are generally resilient and healthy, there are some health problems that can affect the breed. Do your dog a favor and give him to a family that will respect and care for him..not beat him with a belt! OR was it ANIMAL INSTINCT BECAUSE HES A MALE AND THERE IS A FEMALE IN HEAT…. I know he is super smart! She was a rescue at 3 months old and I’m not exactly sure what happened to her, but i know she hates children and some men. When I tell him “no” he growls and barks at me. the only thing I’ve really whooped him over is getting trash out the garbage and tearing it up, and i take my belt to his but. If your Border Collie is losing trust in you and is questioning your actions then it means she doesn’t see you as the Alpha Dog, or the pack leader. Sur un coup de sifflet, il sécarte et gère un large arc de cercle avant de se coucher sur un second coup de sifflet. I tried that at first but he was too clever to know what I was doing. A very good dog in the house, minds pretty well except: The most effective way to do that is to start simple and basic obedience training. The Border Collie was originally named a sheepdog because that was their job — herding sheep and cattle. and he bit you. And you wonder why he went after you again. If your Border Collie likes leading the rest of the pack, he will think he is their leader. Very slowly the dog learnt that children could actually be okay. Le border collie est un chien de troupeau : en France, il est l’auxiliaire le plus utilisé, supplantant même les races françaises. She seemed to settle in really well and sleeps no problem at night in her crate, however, this past week she seems to be really snappy for no apparent reason to the degree where I don’t trust her !!! So if your Border collie starts leading you where it wants to go instead of listening to you, it could be showing early signs of dominant behavior. At home he listion perfect! Eventually when she was close enough I would put her on the lead and give her several treats and praise. Derniers messages à propos de: border collie. Do him a favor and give him to a rescue, or let someone who has the skills to train him properly and with love and the appropriate discipline. YOU NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER HIT YOUR DOG WITH ANYTHING. She would stop whatever she was doing to enjoy a good scratch. However, everyone agrees that the Border Collie is an outstanding competition dog, a superior sheep herding animal, and a loyal and energetic family pet. You deserve a metal. Daily training sessions of 30 minutes or longer can help keep border collies mentally stimulated. If you do she growls and snarls at your hand and attacks it. I want my loving baby back. When it barks, say ‘quiet’. We have brought her to a loving house with 2 children aged 4 and 8 who adore her. Any idea pleases? Why Does My Dog Take My Clothes When I Leave? Have a 10yr male altered Border Collie that was a puppy rescue but unfortunatley just thrown into a back yard with another dog. I got my border collie at a year old, he had little to no training and hardly, to never, does any tricks he knows unless he knows i have a treat for him. He needs somebody who has more experience and time to help him learn some of the lessons he missed when he was really young. This means that you have to show your Collie that you have the qualities to lead the pack to regain his trust. It was suggested to put him down. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!! She doesn’t normally growl at us, but on a few occasions in her sleep if she is touched she will growl, but quickly stops when she wakes up. Le regard pétrifié, le corps tendu, la queue rentrée, signe de concentration, il se glisse lentement - en gardant toujours les yeux fixé sur le mouton. Moreover, they will lead to further dominance issues and aggression problems. THEY ARE NOT PRISONERS IN ABU GRAB. They feed off of other humans around them. I am the one who spends the most time with him and I am very frustrated. Techniques to help your Border Collie Stop Barking. We did exactly the same thing with male visitors, and made sure the vast majority of male visitors were dog friendly, understood dogs and were willing to put up with the odd nip!!!! Do you realize that your dog was probably going to the door after the loving “wear out session” by his “loving owner” so that he could get away from YOU – his “loving owner”? Les border collies blancs ou à dominance blanches doivent être systématiquement stérilisés pour éviter la naissance d’autres chiens pouvant … Like he’s laughing at me. When he says “no”…Buddy listens. Souvent il porte une oreille dressée et l'autre pliée. This just happened over night! So be very cautious when dealing with a dominant Border Collie. Depuis, il est une véritable vedette dans bien des domaines : chien de travail et de sport, prisé pour son agilité et son endurance, il est aussi un formidable compagnon d'agrément pour sa beauté et sa docilité, tout comme le Berger … Did you BEAT HIM into SUBMISSION? HISTORY One of the oldest breeds of dogs, the Border Collie has been used for many I hope things are better. He was only 7 weeks at the time. If it does not stop, squirt it with the water. Ollie is a 5 year old Blue Merle Border Collie who has some socialisation issues and excess anxiety. No harm, but puppies can be worked into a frenzy very easily. Jesus Christ – are you SERIOUS???????????????????????? We can have a house party and he’s fine with everyone, even my sister-in-law that hates dogs but then someone (typically female) will come in and BAM he attacks again the heel/ankle biting. I don’t think she is showing aggression towards us not yet anyhow. If you don't keep your border collie physically and mentally active, the dog can be very destructive in the search for ways to burn off excess energy. I have a 3 year old border collie who has always had issues, but they are getting worse. take the four first letters and thats what it is. Le Border Collie prouve une chose certaine : vous ne vous ferez pas de cheveux blancs concernant le comportement de votre Border Collie. When choosing a dog for your family, there are many things to consider. We have come to the realisation that we are not equipped (as first time owners) to give Ollie his best life. It will get a surprise and distract it. Visiting children – well we tried to discourage that as much as possible LOL (neither of us were very child friendly ourselves unless the children were impeccably behaved – few and far between!). The second most common breed for this condition is the Border Collie. Please help! I have treated this problem on numerous occasions with a high degree of success. There a number of signs you must watch out for if you’re suspecting your Border Collie is developing dominance issues. Simple tips to help you deal with Border Collie Dominance. In the household, there are should be only one dominant leader of the pack—it’s the owner!!!! He rings a bell to go outside, knows sit, lay down, stay and come. He even went balistic on a dog trainer – that was embarrassing. Le Border Collie est un chien de taille moyenne avec une morphologie athlétique, une tête en triangle, un museau étroit et des yeux couleur noisette, noir ou bleu clair (il arrive qu’ils soient de couleur différente). It then passed on the gene as it was mated on numerous occasions. This also doesn’t mean that your Collie is aggressive. For more information on Border Collie aggression, click here. They are outdoor-dogs, having been kept in Kennels all their lives and only allowed into the house occasionally. For a walk. I’m afraid for her. That means these pups have a long family lineage of physical and intellectual stimulation. To learn more about how to deal with a disobedient and dominant Border Collie, check out the Border Collie Owners Guide. Can not really blame him really……. Le Border Collie est un chien de travail par définition, il est donc fait pour passer ses journées à garder un troupeau et aider ses maîtres. Such the humanitarian. As a Collie owner, it’s important to serve their physiological needs with loads of exercise and mental activity. Did you even TRY to distract him and give him something to do? I have a 3 month old male Shitzu/Border Collie mix. It took three years to teach her that no male was ever going to hurt her again but I tell you she turned into an absolutely rock solid dog where men were concerned. Taille(hauteur au garrot) : 45 à 60 cm. However, other times leash pulling can be a symptom of another problem. Ces caractéristiques en font, outre un excellent chien de troupeau, un parfait compagnon une fois rentré à la ferme. The best way of doing this is to initiate simple and basic dog obedience training. Did you try playing with him? Ses gênes de chien de berger et de chasse en font un compagnon … Bien au contraire, doté d’une grande intelligence, le Border Collie a toutes les capacités pour être un chien parfaitement dressé, à l’éducation irréprochable. I have a 4 year old BC. why can’t she be great to everyone else? Then you pushed him? AND, hes not JUST A BORDER COLLIE> HES A MIX WITH SOMETHING ELSE.. NO BORDER COLLIE WEIGHS 80LBS –. We’ve had him many years now and he’s come a very long way. (a nip to a child never occurred because we were extremely vigilant – sadly a nip to a male visitor happened just three times in her whole life – never a bite, always a warning nip and each time a totally understandable situation lead to the warning). For instance, should your border collie jump on you repeatedly, he's most likely not doing so to assert dominance on you, but is behaving in such a way because you give him attention. perseverance and consistency are the key here – make sure every male visitor understands precisely how to behave, that the dog understands the boundaries too. If your Collie begins leading you whenever you are out for a walk and is not listen to you, it can be displaying early signs of dominant issues. I would never EVER trust her with a child, but under strict rules and supervision the occasional SHORT visit with a child was tolerated. Oh, I forgot to mention, though he is only a year and a half to two years old he’s 80 pounds. Under-stimulated Collies are prone to ill-mannered and destructive behavior such as chewing, biting, barking, excessive digging, … Oh! I now have a dog that sits on command when she sees the lead. My female border collie starting to do the same thing. Start practicing already known tricks with your dog while also adding in new tricks for him to learn. Signaler un abus Répondre. Help! AND YOUR REACTION WAS TO WEAR HIM OUT? Giving a dog a ‘time out’ means NOTHING to the dog. Qualifié d’hyperactif, il ne sait pas rester en place. Calm, firm etc but he just want to carrying on playing. Read this guide to find out. Begin by practicing already familiar tricks with your Collie and slowly introduce new tricks for him as well. Frankly, I am SHOCKED that you even admitted that you abused your animal as you did. In fact, when friends with children were coming around they were actually asked either to leave the children at home or to ensure that the child was actually capable of sitting still, no running, no shouting, no loud noise, no screaming, no wild movements etc etc and I would greet them at the door and give the child a little bag of treats which, once quietly settled, I would bring the dog in (on a lead) make her sit quietly beside me and eventually lengthen the lead allowing her to sniff the child – who had a treat on her open hand. Border Collie Training Advice & More,Dogs: Border Collies meeting photo WP03870,Two Bostons’ Pet Blog » Dog Breed Downlow ~ Border Collies,Dogs: Border Collie pup asserting dominance over another,Dog Aggression Training | Superdog,Dog Aggression Training | Superdog. Please, never do any of the following. Does he socialize with other dogs? Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

, Border Collie Advice © 2014 All Rights Reserved, The Top 5 Tips For an Absolute Obedient Border Collie. He needs a STABLE environment, YOUR ENERGY NEEDS TO BE CALM AND ASSERTIVE. It’s the most complete guide that covers everything you need to raise  happy puppy and the exact steps to take to solve obedience problems. Untill my dad’s dog came in heat he’s been a very loving and protective dog. They are generally an exuberant dog full of energy and life. Apparently, the spinning behaviour came from a successful show dog. Often referred to as sheepdogs in earlier times, the name Border Collie was given to the breed around 1915. THERES HUNDREDS OF THESE TYPES OF BRAIN WORKING TREATS out there…. I have tried everything! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For example, the dog may not be getting enough walks or he may simply be excited. I've taken on two seven-year-old entire-male Border Collies from someone who is emigrating. A dog feeds off of his humans energy. Classification FCI: N°166. I do hope your issues with your bc are over now but in case they are not …. A border collie is a beautiful dog with rich coloring, usually some combination of black and white or black and tan. Je pense à son équilibre! This allows them to dominate stock and bend them to their will. We go up the fields and play throughout with his toys but when it’s time to go on the lead he won’t come. I have a male 9 month old and his fantastic but has started to be naughty when I take him Avoid following such mistakes as they will only spoil/harm the relationship you have with your Border Collie. I thought maybe she was in pain, but the vet can find nothing wrong and thinks its a behavior issue. We love her so much and think she is a great dog. We also have a cat who isn’t really bothered about her presence. You should NOT have children NOR animals. You BEAT YOUR DOG BECAUSE HE KNOCKE OVER A FOOD BOWL? What do I do??? I NEED HELP. Cela peut poser certains problèmes, notamment pour la vie urbaine et en appartement. If your Collie is constantly begging for food, even after it has just finished eating, it means he thinks he deserves being given food first.

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