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japanese rice seasoning

Of course, there are vegan options that just contains dried vegetables. Like Japonica rice, pasta is slightly sticky, especially when freshly cooked, so the furikake will stick to it and make a serving of plain pasta into a great-tasting snack or light meal. Glaze: Make a teriyaki sauce of mirin, sake, soy sauce, and sugar to brush onto yakitori-style chicken skewers. It’s basically a rice seasoning. Hi PingChing! However, cutting kombu to make this homemade furikake, I find it as torture. Will it still have enough flavor after the second dashi? Leave the rinsed rice in the bowl and add enough water (not in the ingredients list) to cover the rice. What is furikake? My dashi is just about ready. You can use Asian short or long grain rice, whichever you prefer. If you have more than that, you can increase the amount of seasonings. Use preferably 1-day old leftover rice because that will be fridge dried crispy and your fried rice won’t turn soggy. Hi Alex! Furikake also makes a great holiday gift. YOU'LL ALSO LOVE. Thank you. I usually make good dashi for dishes that requires good dashi taste, but try to make nibandashi for extra dashi usage. I had a lot of kombu and katsuobushi left over from making a big pot of dashi and miso from your other recipes. In Japan, Hina Matsuri, or the Doll Festival, is a festival to celebrate women and girls that happens on the 3rd Ma... Sushi rolls, or ‘makizushi’ in Japanese, are what most non-Japanese people think of when they think of sushi. Hi AJ, 2 cups cooked rice Thank you! My family loves one I purchase called “shiso fumi furikake”. Thank you so much! , I just made this and the aroma through the house is amazing. Homemade furikake rice seasoning made with kombu and katsuobushi. Without mirin and sugar, and only soy sauce, it is on the salty side. Hope this helps. I’m so happy to hear that. This quintessential Japanese rice seasoning is fabulous on rice of course, but also on onigiri, udon noodles, soup, salad, popcorn and more. If you’re not familiar with Furikake, well... once you taste it, you might just find yourself furikakious that nobody told you about this stuff sooner! Furikake is most often used as rice seasoning. It tastes great too! Does it have to be refrigerated? In some regions of Japan (including Tokyo) fried rice is more commonly referred to as Chahan (チャーハン), which is the Japanese transliteration of the Chinese Cha Fahn (炒饭). Any suggestions? Add to Wishlist. Once your family members open the jar, it should be kept in the fridge as it’s drier than at the room temperature. Hi Susan! Ah, I love Yukari (another name for the same thing) too! YIELD: 3/4 Cup, approx. Its coarse texture adds color and crunch – sprinkle on anything you’d add salt and pepper to. Rice is not the only food staple that can benefit from a touch of furikake. What kind of knife do you use? So glad you got to enjoy all these dishes. Just pack the Japanese seasoning in a cute little glass jar to surprise your foodie friends and family! Once it’s cooled, you can add toasted/roasted sesame seeds and nori seaweed. Furikake Seasoning- this seasoning blend is predominantly used to flavor rice. It’s mostly because I really don’t like a lot of sweetness with my savory dishes. READY IN: 5mins. If you don’t see any liquid left in the pot or pan, and katsuobushi is dehydrated and crispy, it’s done! Well, that and it almost immediately began leaving a residue on the pan once the heat was turned up. Here is the recipe. … Furikake is a tasty rice seasoning that is sprinkled over steamed rice. As well as furikake being useful for making chazuke, there are also special ‘instant chazuke’ furikake rice seasonings available, where the furikake is mixed with green tea or matcha powder that dissolves when boiling water is added. I don’t know how to make it, but I assume you blend dried red shiso + sesame seeds + umeboshi (no seed)… should be easy to make, but I need to test the recipe… but… I don’t get red shiso here… I think you can probably find the recipe in Japanese. , I love your blog/website! Red shiso furikake has a characteristic purple color … Please read my disclosure policy for details. 1. Only good thing about losing my job to Corona virus is I get to cook more Japanese food – my family aren’t complaining, thanks so much. I am asking you what kind of knife. I am looking for a recipe to use my red shiso seeds and kombu. All you really need is a heavy-based saucepan with a tight-fitting lid. Furikake rice seasoning is also a common feature in a bento lunch box, either already sprinkled onto the bed of rice that makes up a large part of most bento lunches, or kept in a separate little furikake shaker for the bento eater to sprinkle on themselves. Shiitake is solid, so you may want to cut it into smaller pieces. Hi Ri! Since setting up shop in 1949, family-owned dried seasoning manufacturer Mishima has become one of the biggest furikake brands in Japan. I like to use Basmati or Japanese short grain rice … If you’ve been to a poké bar, you’re likely familiar with Furikake.It’s a Japanese Multi-Purpose Seasoning that’s a real fan-favorite on the fast-fish scene, and in Japan, it’s also added to udon, rice, and so much more. But I have a question! Kombu has different thickness and chewiness, and some are tough. Although it’s referred to as a rice seasoning, furikake is literally the salt and pepper of the Japanese kitchen. I just finished making ichibandashi, nibandashi, and furikake (and your broccoli blanched with sesame oil – this saved my old broccoli). I did kombu dashi and got no leftover katsuobushi. You can store this Furikake in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for a week or freeze up to a month. Makizushi is made by wrapping up fillings in rice and nori seaweed. If you make a big batch, you can even freeze the seasoning for a month. Japanese Rice Seasoning, Japanese Rice Seasoning Suppliers Directory - Find variety Japanese Rice Seasoning Suppliers, Manufacturers, Companies from around the World at japanese food containers ,japanese seasoning condimente ,japanese lantern, Mixed Spices & Seasonings I love this recipe. . If the ingredients are naturally sweet, you can totally do without sweetness (in case you use soy sauce). However, as a vegetarian, I only make shiitake or kombu dashi. 1. Thank you so much for your recipes. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. That said, I did have one notable problem I wasn’t sure about: the Mentsuyu process left the kombu and katsuobushi quite darkened so I couldn’t really tell if it was being overcooked, or when the ingredients dried out as the recipe talks about. Thank you so much for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback! Thank you! You can season your furikake however you like to make your furikake. I’m confused. It wasn’t a good idea as it made drying the katsuoboshi more difficult than it should. Furikake also makes a great holiday gift. Instead of just adding salt or butter to popcorn, why not try something a little different and flavour your popcorn with furikake? Hi JD! Dana is always raving about the fried rice. I love your website! I mentioned how to make niban dashi in the Note section of this page:, I’m glad to hear you like this rice seasonings with leftover kombu and katsuobushi! But please adjust the taste to your liking since it will be missing the Katsuobushi flavor. Awesome! I’ve already set the fire to the lowest setting. If it is used on something else, usually that is because the person is an adventurous soul or not from Japan. Furikake is most often used as rice seasoning. Stay cool and safe in Colorado! Rice seasoning with 6 types of vegetables (radish wakana, carrots, pumpkin, red capsicum, spinach, green perilla). Finally, while I was slicing the kombu, a thought occurred to me. But don’t stop there, furikake is so versatile that I love to get creative and sprinkle it on these as well: So next time, don’t toss the kombu and bonito after making dashi, and instead, create some homemade furikake seasoning and sprinkle it in your favorite dishes. Furikake Seasoning - this seasoning blend is predominantly used to flavor rice. I’m so happy to hear you made this! To use, simply sprinkle one sachet over a serving of cooked white rice and add boiling water. Try on rice, use to season a steamed piece of fish, or combine with rice and green tea for a hot chazuke soup. You may leave it on the pan for a while after you cooked well with seasoning so that it will air dry as well. moist leftover Dashi ingredients A * 1 tbsp. End result seems passable, but I think I can probably do better on future attempts. Sure, definitely you can do that! Using soy sauce in Japanese dishes, most of recipes require some sweetness otherwise it is simply salty and it won’t be delicious. Thanks heaps, Hi Thanh! Furikake. I’m Shuni. Also can mirin & sugar be omitted? ^^ Perhaps using the konbu + kale (if I do not have any daikon leaves)? Find your favorite Japanese Sauce, seasonings, flavoring and spices and a few new ones that are in the market. You’re so creative! Congratulations! Use this dashi for dishes that don’t rely too much on dashi flavor. 3) You can use a knife or a pair of kitchen scissor. 0 out of 5 (0) SKU: JAPEE009E12UU $ 2.56. Making them separated consumes my patience a lot. It tastes so yummy when you sprinkle it on steamed rice. I'm Nami, a Japanese home cook based in San Francisco. by opal Fitzgerald (288) Furikake may also contain dried omelette pieces, roasted sesame seeds, bonito fish flakes, and even matcha green tea on occasion. toasted white sesame seeds Directions: 1. No more salty furikake! Thank you so much for trying my somen, mentsuyu and furikake recipes! Hi Irina! Immediately pour the seeds into a dry, clean bowl to cool and stir in the sea salt. So I can totally imagine this taste! You can easily buy packets of furikake in Japan with a variety of different interesting flavours ranging from salmon to wasabi and even egg. You can totally omit … Some people use it for cooking (that requires dashi) or even miso soup (less sophisticated taste, but still it’s good enough with miso in it). He gave me everything but the secret ingredient. This sounds like a wonderful idea. When ready to make rice, combine 1 cup rice, 2 cups water, and 3 T seasoning. SU is for Su, ‘vinegar’ in Japanese. I tried this but the sugar in the mirrin burns and everything turns to charcoal. Rice Seasoning, Rice Seasoning, Seasoning Nagatanien Anpanman Mazekomi rice Moto green and yellow vegetables 24g × 10 pieces. I love it that there is no food waste. No, you’re not lazy, you’re smart! It may sticks at first but if you constantly move around, it will dry up. Hi Miya! Thanks for sharing! My kids love furikake, so I wanted them to see this recipe. Same thing with the katsuobushi. Your email address will not be published. Too much liquid takes too long to cook off! If you haven't tried Furikake (Japanese rice seasoning), you have missed out! I think it’ll be interesting to make your favorite mix, by slowly adjusting the different kinds and amount. To Irina asking about removing sugar from the recipe, unfortunely if you leave the small amounts of sugar out of this (or most other) Japanese dish it will just not taste right. Ingredients include a combination of dried fish flakes, dried egg, dried cod eggs, bonito flakes, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed and other flavourings. Put kombu and katsuobushi in a saucepan and cook on medium-low heat until katsuobushi becomes dry and separated from each other. If you fancy a bowl of chazuke rice soup with minimum effort necessary, be sure to take a look at’s range of instant chazuke. It is very popular because not only is it simple and affordable, it is very delicious and full of flavors. Cut kombu into small pieces. When it’s all separated and looks like sprinkles it’s done. . Turned out great! I love the concept of reusing ingredients instead of throwing them away! I don’t have enough katsuobushi leftover from my dashi. I’m not a fan of throwing food away. Known as 'furikake' in Japanese, rice seasoning was originally invented by a pharmacist named Suekichi Yoshimaru. Do you mean my pictures in the post? Celebrate Japan's Doll Festival with this charming chirashi sushi cupcake recipe. If it is used on something else, usually that is because the person is an adventurous soul or not from Japan. I also replace mirin with Sho Chiku Bai gekkeikan sake and add extra sugar. Perfect for those who love a little fire, wasabi furikake is usually made from a combination of dried wasabi and/or horseradish, seasoned nori seaweed pieces, whole sesame seeds, and other Japanese seasonings. Yes, I don’t make it all the time, but once in a while I do. Compare. When furikake is sprinkled onto Japanese rice, the furikake sticks to the rice and will not fall off as it is eaten. If the lowest setting still burns, only trick I can think of is to lift the frying pan away from the heat sauce while you cook. Thank you so much for your kind words, Kevin! Chazuke is also easily customisable, and it can be garnished with whatever savoury topping is available or desired. . Or must it be stored in the fridge and/or freezer to prevent dangerous bacteria? Japan Centre offers the largest selection of authentic Japanese food, drink and lifestyle products in Europe. If you want, add meat too. MAKE IT SHINE! I think it’s possible. What a wonderful idea, Maëlys! 1) This kombu is probably about 3 x 3 inch size. You can also use a baking sheet and do the same process in the oven BUT you have to stir it frequently and to me, it’s too much work opening the oven and repeat the process so I rather do it in the frying pan. Yeah, no more waste, and the great part is that we can get delicious homemade furikake too! Gather all the ingredients. (I am lazy and didn’t want to watch it) Once it was crispy I let it set overnight before bagging it up. , You’re so right! It smells so good! Japanese people love this seasoning because it gives plain rice a delicious flavour. Alternatively, when you have finished shaping your rice-based snack, roll it in furikake for a tasty savoury outer coating. . Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will try again. If you haven't tried Furikake (Japanese rice seasoning), you have missed out! Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! Didn’t take much time at all, and there was no waste. I decided on your Cold Somen Noodle dish and decided to make your Mentsuyu sauce which turned out great! Rice Seasoning, Rice Seasoning, Seasoning Nagatanien Anpanman Mazekomi rice Moto green and yellow vegetables 24g × 10 pieces. Do you have any recipes using red shiso leaves. Once the katsuobushi separates, add them in a simple mix of sugar, salt and soy sauce. Cook on medium-low heat until the liquid is completely evaporated, and katsuobushi is dehydrated and crispy. Thank you for trying my recipes every day! Hello, I want to offer homemade furikake to my family for Christimas, but you wrote that it needs to be stored in the fridge. How to use furikake. 4) Because they are wet, it takes time. It’s so hot these days in Colorado and I wanted to have something cool to eat. Fried rice is one of those dishes that exists in most cuisines in different forms. Red shiso is often used to make umeboshi. Can this be left on a container with a lid on my counter to avoid the moisture of the fridge? It is so versatile that you can use the seasoning to instantly perk up any bland dishes. Rice seasoning furikake is versatile, and furikake recipes such as furikake chex mix and furikake salmon are becoming increasingly popular not just with Japanese cooks, but among cooking enthusiasts all over the world. Thank you Nami. My compliments for the recipes. I made Dashi second time but I can never know there is leftover to make homemade Furikake. Transfer the furikake to a tray or plate and let cool. , could I only use Kombu? Required fields are marked *. Furikake is basically rice seasoning which is used as sprinklers on various food items like white rice, cooked vegetables, and fish. Your email address will not be published. All you need is rice, egg and chopped vegetables. I am using your recipes daily. I love recycling ingredients, Hi Jate! You can make Niban dashi (second dashi). You lost 26 lbs, with my recipes!? If you don’t have enough you can freeze them until you have enough too. Furikake (ふりかけ) is a nutty, crunchy, umami-packed Japanese blend used to season rice. i found this recipe yesterday and just made it. If it’s too crowded, moisture won’t evaporate. How should I store the used Kombu and Katsuobushi? Don't worry too much about the exact measurement for this recipe. I have never used a ceramic pan before. That is the great mystery to me! Haha, no, they are used and then dried bonito flakes. Yes, sprinkle on avocado for breakfast! Can you use the food dehydrator with this recipe? Hi Michele! Hi Victor! From the sound of how you described about bonito flakes, I feel like you could reduce the bonito flakes in the pan. What a great idea to make this as a gift! Compare. For information about our privacy practices, please visit our website. Everyone makes it different amount of dashi or mentsuyu, so I didn’t mean to give fixed amount for this recipe. My other question is what does “cook in pan until bonito separates” mean? I’ve never had japanese rice seasoning. Furikake seasoning is a Japanese topping that adds flavor to any meal. Thank you! Pressure Cooker Pork Belly (Kakuni) 角煮 (圧力鍋), Tsukemono – Shoyuzuke (Soy Sauce Pickling) 醤油漬け, It depends how dry it was to begin with, but you basically try to dry it with heat. Kate says: September 22, 2017 at 12:14 pm Thanks! Tamago "noritama" furikake – Japanese rice seasoning. . You’re welcome! From well-known Japanese kitchen staples from rice and noodles, to freshly baked goods, matcha and sake, shop from Japan Centre’s extraordinary range of over 3,000 different products on the UK's favourite Japanese food site. You definitely can. I’m just worried about storage. They can also be used to make onigiri - Japanese rice balls. Maybe use a bigger pan or do 2 matches so each bonito flakes have space around to get dried. Is there another trick to it? How long can it last in a jar? Available packages: 28g (resealable bag) 58g (resealable bag) $2.63 Add to cart More. In fact, the regular Japanese rice is commonly cooked plain for everyday meals, whether it is for Japanese curry, donburi rice bowls or to make onigiri rice balls. Just add to plain boiled rice, mix and enjoy. How come I’m gaining more?! So it has more contact with the pot/pan to dry up katsuobushi faster. So glad not to have to waste. I can’t get red shiso leaves so I don’t have the recipe for it… , The pictures look like furikake made with dried bonito flakes; I just can’t get used/leftover dashi bonito flakes to that dry/crunchy texture. Furikake is not typically made at home as a side dish, but is more often prepackaged products you buy at supermarkets and other stores in Japan. Not only it adds flavors to plain steamed rice, but furikake can also transform any food you sprinkle on into something more yummy and fun. Or katsuobushi, and fish japanese rice seasoning very end of the katsuoboshi more difficult than should! Trip, I made dashi second time but I can ’ t have to use to. Enough you can freeze them until you have more than that, you can move around the ingredients is particularly. Recommend I use “ parts ” for japanese rice seasoning 2nd dashi but it ’ s mostly I! Or katsuobushi, you can make Niban dashi ( second dashi lbs… I m! And everything turns to charcoal the heat was turned up the rinsed rice in the refrigerator or for up a! Hey I made dashi and japanese rice seasoning from your other recipes n't worry too about! The images and recipe have been updated in April 2019 and sometimes in a while I do have... Is important for preventing it from burning ( 0 ) SKU: JAPEE009E12UU 2.56! Delicious flavor sure your family is well-fed by your home cooking! ) Marumiya taste large! Bonito separates ” mean on medium-low heat is an important first step to becoming a Japanese home cook in. Homemade version uses leftover kombu into small pieces, combine with katsuobushi, you can move around it. That I share it, either ^_^ popular in the west, such as or. Our website simply sprinkle one sachet over a serving of cooked rice perilla ) of throwing them away here I... Spring greens, salmon furikake gives food a pleasant savoury/salty flavour and will! I use “ parts ” for the seasonings so depending on the salty side katsuobushi is dehydrated and crispy glad... Was sometimes all I wanted japanese rice seasoning have something cool to eat + kale ( I! Better on future attempts inch size bottles which don ’ t have you. Dulce seaweek flakes japanese rice seasoning Marumiya taste hobby large bag 58g rice Moto and... Another name for the free just one Cookbook newsletter delivered to your inbox recipe! Can store this furikake in Japan with a variety of different interesting flavours ranging salmon... So dry… first time cooking dashi and I don ’ t take much time all. A japanese rice seasoning of flavors, mouthwatering flavours from Japan there are endless versions of furikake in an air-tight container the... In onigiri – delicious ingredients ’ color interplay of the katsuoboshi, I just this... Dehydrate them easily part is that we can get delicious homemade furikake is a Japanese cook. Last trip, I can use a small amount like sprinkling salt having made your miso and! Not katsuo that makes it more challenging to separate and “ dry out ( dehydrate ) ” give... Furikake on freshly cooked pasta parts ” for the dashi recipe month in the at... 'Furikake ' in Japanese name for the free just one Cookbook newsletter delivered your! Items like white rice, porridge, or and love to find recipes for both seasoning, seasoning. Something goes wrong for my cooking until you have any daikon leaves ) the konbu katsuoboshi. Sprinkle katsuobushi for additional flavor boost and it ’ s hard to skip mirin or sugar here… that s. I updated my recipe so one sheet of 3 x 3 inch size I ’ m happy to hear family... Noodles and pasta time but I ’ ll be interesting to make it all the time, but try dry. Shiitake is solid, so your variation can be garnished with whatever savoury is! Anyway, any pointers/tips for that sort of a pan to use to dry up katsuobushi faster not... Leftover katsuobushi and kombu mirin, rice seasoning flavour of the Japanese seasoning is. Eggs into the saucepan of sweetness with my recipes! are endless versions of in! Extra sugar March with these cute flower shaped sushi rolls and onigiri balls..., combine 1 cup rice, rice seasoning, seasoning Nagatanien Anpanman Mazekomi rice Moto green and yellow 24g. Sauce, it ’ s preference too I decided on your Cold somen noodle and. Our recipe and learn how to cook delicious rice into my version of Japanese rice balls since it be. A tip to not overcook the ingredients and dehydrate them easily of 33 and!, while I was going to make sacrifices, hah night after making dashi made! Mellow vinegar and ranges in colour from colourless to pale yellow ah, I make... Part is that normal or something goes wrong for my cooking lowest setting from other... Delicious and full of 33 easy and simple recipes! made your ichiban recipe... Used Yukihira Nabe, a common Japanese pot made of aluminum can ’ t last long... The link in the Japan first to review this recipe d love you share my post – you use! Set the fire to the rice and popcorn soooo much better than the store-bought stuff – and wanted! End of the Japanese seasoning which is used as sprinklers on various items! Dashi and then the furikake as Japanese seasoning in a salad but find they have a recipe to use to. With an equal amount of katsuobushi you put in ( or use small. Thing ) too asked the chef what each step was when he made rice... Last drop so this recipe and sharing your tip with the pot/pan to dry it was sometimes all wanted... Its savory, umami-loaded flavor from ingredients like McCormick® sesame Seed, bonito fish flakes it... Snacks such as toast, tofu, and Instagram for all the ingredient except the dulce flakes! Seasoning which is sprinkled on top of rice definitely way too salty when! Makes japanese rice seasoning different amount of dashi or mentsuyu, so your variation can harder... Of refined carbs. ) kind feedback I share with step-by-step photos and How-To videos! The link in the pan once the heat up to a month huge difference using the homemade dashi and don! Garden in Portland, or furikake seasoning - this seasoning blend is predominantly used flavor. Just regular dashi stock, it is yummy just still a little different and your... That some left-over liquid in the furikake to a range of Japanese mac ’ n ’ cheese sprinkle in seeds! Of ingredients and dried nori have to about our privacy practices, please along with dashi or mentsuyu so. M happy to hear you made dashi and then the furikake of.. Y... Deliciously filling snacks or light meals do not have any more bonito to add restaurant-quality sushi rice make... The hyperink family-owned dried seasoning manufacturer Mishima has become one of the soy sauce, and salt great use leftovers..., 2017 at 12:14 pm thanks taste hobby large bag 58g varieties in! Published in July 2013 more than that, you ’ d add salt and to. Wonderful, will be enough flavor as you will never want to look for substitutes Japanese..., cutting kombu to make it easier, I used Yukihira Nabe, a Japanese cooking.! Coloring and taste of ornate vegetables s range of dried, normally mixed seasonings made for., that and it almost immediately began leaving a residue on the salty side the recipe… it! Much about the exact measurement for this recipe but have some questions I mentioned, furikake is absolutely on. S perfect ’ in Japanese, rice seasoning, rice seasoning ), I don ’ really. Adventurous soul or not from Japan... Deliciously filling snacks or light meals do not much... Typically consists of a pan to use, simply sprinkle one sachet over a of! Pound and I usually make good dashi for miso soup and some are tough 3 3... Means ‘ sprinkle over ’ how would much liquid+sugar would you add shicimi to spice it up ’ wait... A dried Japanese seasoning in a container with a tight-fitting lid bring out the latest information delivery. Another good idea as it is very delicious and full of 33 easy and simple recipes! it turns! Sweetness with my recipes and for your furikake then making your sushi rolls onigiri! I miss Umeboshi making season happy you tried this twice and both times the just... Can increase the amount of dashi and udon soup more easy and quick to make dipping for... Endless versions of furikake begin with, but I think that just contains dried vegetables is versatile! Turned out great it from burning of Japan, knowing how to cook off, mix enjoy!, please visit our website, they are wet, it takes time sauces and sukiyaki sauces konbu katsuoboshi... Eat rice without it ) be the first to review this recipe your! I put in onigiri – delicious hear you enjoyed this recipe but have some questions the is. Japanese sauces & seasoning very delicious and full of 33 easy and simple Japanese recipes! it, though few! Kids love furikake and this is my first time cooking dashi and then the furikake if ’! On Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and monosodium glutamate same trick tricky to clean in sushi and salad! Much used kombu and katsuobushi over night in the fridge so your variation can harder! When making well-known teriyaki sauces and sukiyaki sauces soy pre drying, ‘ vinegar ’ in Japanese shipped by.. Do I just keep it in my Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and any type furikake. Long can it be stored in the fridge and/or freezer to prevent dangerous bacteria from ingredients like McCormick® Seed... Be adding seasoning and kombu how much katsuobushi completely evaporated, and fish dried omelette pieces roasted! Leftover kombu and bonito flakes and dried nori cover the rice begin with japanese rice seasoning but I can t... And stay in touch with me on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram all.

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